Fly with Aeropa and you will be able to choose your private aircraft and hire it with the maximum flexibility. Our services are personalized on your necessities, from your business trip to a pleasant leisure journey! You will decide, as best suits your personal commitments, when to depart with a simple 2 hours prior notice, without being tied to the established timings of a commercial airline. You will travel with aircraft which offer you the utmost comfort, allowing you to enjoy your trip in total relax. Our highly qualified staff will welcome you on board the aircraft with newspapers, magazines, snacks and drinks or a full meal as you prefer, and will assist you during your entire journey with the highest discretion. On our flights, normally no flight attendant is employed, as our aircraft are in a passenger configuration below 19 seats, but if you wish one to be present, we will be glad to accommodate your requests. Aeropa guarantees the maximum flexibility in timings with any limits, unless except those established by the Aviation Authorities of the departure and arrival aerodromes.


Aeropa, in cooperation with the venture company AEROMED, ensures on behalf of several medical care (ASL) districts the transport of organs, medical teams and patients awaiting transplants. This service is done with 2 hours prior notice departure, and guaranteed 24/7 through our operative centre.


Aeropa also organizes, in cooperation with other operators, helicopter ambulance flights, through dedicated ambulances, to guarantee medical care with very short-term interventions, especially in isolated areas, which permits a rapid hospitalization of the patient in the nearest and most suitable medical centre.


Our aircraft are also available for cinematographic and publicity shoots. You choose the airport most suitable to your needs or most compatible to the set of your shoots. Our qualified staff, with high expertise in this area of operations, will assist you in all phases and with all your necessities.